7 Decades of Endless Death in Palestine!!

15 May 2021

Today is the commemorate day where Palestine's rights were violated by Zionist Regime. Until now, it's been seven decades Palestinians were colonized, driven out and cruelly oppressed without mercy. What a cruel & heartless Israel!! 

In conjunction with Nakba day celebrations today, all people around the world gather & unite with the people of Palestine to strongly condemn the violence committed by the Zionist regime of Israel for all this time. May Allah protect & give unending fortitude to our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

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Hasbunallah wanikmal wakil!!


  1. sayu hatiii tengok keadaan mereka disana.. semoga Allah SWT lindung diorang..
    dan insyallah yang mana terkorban tu syahid dan syurga buat mereka..

    1. Betul tu.Sedih sangat-sangat!Harap sangat penderitaan rakyat Palestine ni berakhir...